Monday, August 6, 2012


Hi! My name is Ashley and I'm a third grade teacher. I am super new to blogging for other teachers, but I am excited to share some of my ideas with other teachers out there. I have been looking at other teacher blogs for a long time and have learned so much--and I want to take the opportunity to share what I can with others.

I have taught third and fourth grades, and I am starting my eighth year teaching in August. I have a 6-month old son, Easton, and a wonderful husband of four years, Ryan. Although I am going to be sad to leave my baby for the first time in August (I've been off on maternity leave since January <3), I am excited to get back to teaching, a job I love!

My blog is called Tales from a Third Grade Splashroom because I love the ocean! I have used an ocean/sea theme in my classroom in the past, and while I still have some ocean-related decor around my classroom, I have definitely changed through the years to get more color-theme-based...and my favorite color?? Blue!! (The color of the sea :)

I am hoping that I catch on to things like Linky Parties, Blog Hops, and all the other blog activities that go on on teacher blogs--because I'm not sure I understand it all yet! In the meantime, I want this blog to be a place to come to find classroom management ideas, lesson ideas, and other great ideas for new and experienced teachers :) Check back often!!

Also--please check out my Teachers pay Teachers account! There's not much posted yet, but I hope to grow my store along with my blog...

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