Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to Reality!

It's that time again--the time of year when I am super-excited to get back to school and yet sad to see summer go (and so quickly!). I am even more excited to get back than usual because I have been out of school since January! But...that brings me to why I am even sadder than usual (at the same time) to go back...I have been on maternity leave since January 19 <3. And starting tomorrow, I am leaving my seven-months-old-today baby for the first time EVER (for more than a couple of hours).

I started checking out teacher blogs a few years ago and have really fallen in love with it over the last few months. I suppose I wanted to be home with my baby without missing out on school entirely ;). I see teacher blogs probably the same way as probably everyone else who loves blog stalking following as much as me--inspiring, exciting, enlightening, helpful, and just really really smart! I wanted to start my own blog to share what I've learned over the years and to help share the inspiration with others. I don't have many followers yet, but I hope to! I also hope that somewhere in this blog there is a kernel of something that someone can use. I think sharing is invaluable and I know how much I've gained from my colleagues at work and online!

As I said, I am heading back to school tomorrow. The district where I teach doesn't officially start teachers back until Thursday, but this year I am mentoring a new teacher (and I'm very excited about this!)  so I am due back a few days early to help her get situated and to attend a few meetings. I am going to begin a (hopefully) useful series of posts on back-to-school tomorrow.

It's my goal to include the following in my back-to-school series!

Please pass the word along about my blog to anyone you know who is also a teaching blog addict ;) 

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