Monday, October 8, 2012

Conferences--It IS almost that time again!!

It's crazy but true. Conferences are really just around the corner, a little more than a month away. The key to great conferences is just to be as organized and as ready as possible. Easier said than done! I just posted a conferences packet that will give you everything you need to have a successful, organized, and well-planned conference season :) Link here to the bundle on my TpT store!

My bundle includes the following:

*A sign-up sheet for parents to sign up for their *top 3* times/dates and send back to the teacher.

*A master scheduling table for you to keep track of all your conference dates and times, as well as student names and parent/guardian names. Once you have all (or all the ones you expect to get back!) your sign-up sheets returned, you can begin placing parent names and dates into the table in order. That way, you know who to expect and when, at a glance!

*A confirmation sheet for your scheduled conferences to send home to parents, noting the time and date of their conference. This acts not only as a confirmation, but a reminder to parents to hang on the fridge (or wherever!)

*A parent conference focus form, with a list of topics that you will cover and that parents can return to you with any additional concerns that they might have. This allows parents to see that you are well-prepared, and that you care about their concerns.

*A selection of *3* different conference focus forms for you, the teacher. These are to be used one for every student, to be set up prior to conferences. A conference focus form will keep you focused on what needs to be discussed, as well as act as a kind of checklist so you don't forget to mention anything during the conference. Sometimes we can get flustered, so I find that having all the information in front of me helps. The forms each have space for you to make notes prior to the conference and during the conference, if there is anything you need to follow-up on or check into.

These forms are all done in .docx format, so they are fully customizable. I typed any text in RED that will absolutely need to be changed to reflect your information, and of course, any other text can be changed as well! 

I find that for me, it helps me to set up a folder for each child in advance of conferences, with some work samples in it, along with the conference focus form, and any parent focus forms that are returned, so I can be sure I hit those points, if they had any additional concerns. For work samples, I like to include: any work of concern or that exemplifies a particular point you are trying to make (works slowly, handwriting is illegible, works carefully, does a particularly neat job, etc.). I also like to make sure there is a variety of work in the folder (i.e., math, writing, science, etc.) from a span of time (not all from the week before!).


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